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The World’s First Kerbside Recyclable Water Ice Pack

Patent Pending Innovation

We had the opportunity recently to sit down with Cory Conners, Sustainable Packaging Consultant and Founder/host of the Sustainable Packaging Podcast.  This was a most enjoyable chance to discuss how our CoolBox® temperature controlled packaging system is a sustainable solution to replace EPS (expanded / extruded polystyrene) with corrugated cardboard.

We won’t transcript the whole podcast here, but the main highlights include:

  • The need to stop passing the buck down to the end consumer when it comes to responsibly recycling their packaging materials
  • Why “kerbside recyclable” products are so important and how they make it easier for households to properly recycle their unwanted packaging
  • How CoolBox® came to be and why it’s so needed in the sustainability market
  • CoolBox® peforms as well as EPS, with the eco bonus of kerbside recyclable, fully sustainable credentials
  • Why it is so important for companies to stop greenwashing their products
  • Future plans and innovations coming soon from Coolbox

CoolBox® range: http://www.coolboxsolutions.co.uk/our-products/

Listen to the full podcast here:

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