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Investing in the future

CoolBox Solutions was born by eco-conscious industrial packaging manufacturer, GoogleBoxes Ltd.

We understood that new, sustainable, environmentally friendly temperature-controlled packaging solutions were desperately needed, and voila, the patent pending CoolBox range of insulated boxes was developed.

We originally launched with 2 types; Chilled packaging and Frozen packaging, in a range of box sizes, and have now further expanded this out so we have 2 different Chilled packaging options as well as the Frozen system. We will continue to develop the the CoolBox rangerange, just to be even more efficient, but lighter and more cost effective too, as we continue developing our best manufacturing processes and supply chain.

New Products

Keep watching this space as we develop the range further and sign up to our newsletters and mailshots to stay updated on developments as they happen.

Ice Packs

We’ve launched Cool-Ice – the only pure “spring water” bottle ice pack that is 100% kerbside recyclable with all UK councils. Offering greater power than a 500g ice gel pack and available in both half pallet and full pallet options (1 full pallet = 1,872 water bottle ice packs), Cool-Ice is reusable, refillable and drinkable.

CoolBox Expansion

Launching with four industry standard sizes, we will of course update this range as more and more customers adopt CoolBox in favour of the ‘non-recyclable gang’ AKA Polystyrene boxes, Wool liners and Denim liners! Stay close.

Low Cost Organic Waste Solution

We are bringing a new, low cost organic product to the market very soon – this will be compostable and kerbside recyclable as its composition will be made of a mixture of organic waste products – this may not sound sexy, but the eco benefits will give sure give it the edge. We’ll keep you updated!

Company Growth

CoolBox Solutions was born at an exciting time for the ecommerce, food and perishable products delivery sector, with exponential growth happening in all areas and innovative new products needed to meet demand, whilst promoting sustainability and social responsibility for recycling.

To meet these needs, we are investing in both the business and our products to ensure we can give companies and end users what they need – temperature controlled packaging solutions that not only perform, but also take their place in helping the planet!

As well as the new products we have coming, we have also invested in:

  • Larger additional manufacturing premises, with ground to expand further for additional capacity as the CoolBox range expands.
  • Plant/Starch based glues to remove any need for PVA or plastic based adhesion product
  • New & enhanced efficient production machinery & processes

Product Testing

As cold chain experts, we of course rigorously test our products ourselves and subject them to the standard ISTA tests to prove their credentials. But all the lab testing in the world can ‘never‘ offer the exact same real world scenario you are going to find differing from one day to the next.

So we promise to do something very different never done before…. a bit like a google review, we are going to share customer experiences, reviews and testing, as and when we get them… full transparency!

Eco Innovations and Development

Our product ranges will reflect not only our values as a business, but the values of the people within it. All products have and will be created to embody our commitment to the environment.

  • Eco friendly, 100% sustainable products are our goal, and we’re driven to achieve this with everything we create
  • 100% commitment to research and development across both temperature controlled packaging and accompanying ice packs and accessories
  • Reinvestment is key, so we can continue to pioneer ground-breaking technologies in everything we do.

Green Innovations

Our ethos and commitment to sustainable temperature controlled packaging solutions has led to our patent pending creation – CoolBox, the best insulated box available, that is engineered consciously to be kerbside recyclable from your doorstep, with 100% of UK councils on board!


Our range of environmentally friendly, low impact temperature controlled packaging solutions