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How does CoolBox work?

Coolbox is a superior insulator and an ineffective conductor. Which, essentially means its fantastic for keeping your food products cool in both summer and winter by not letting energy through the construction easily…

CoolBox utilises the flute cavities to channel or direct the hot/cold energy from outside (Ambient Energy) away from the food products inside.

The many fluting/cavity layers stacked on top of each, create so many insulating barriers or obstructions for the energy to penetrate, that hot or cold energy will simply take the path of least resistance, which with CoolBox means out through the flute channels….and away.

How does Cool-Ice work?

…..It’s a secret for now, but we’ll tell you very soon once we’ve launched

Do I still need to use Ice Packs or Dry Ice?

The simple Answer is Yes.

The very best explanation and simplest analogy I can use to explain why this is, is this… Imagine buying a new refrigerator or freezer, putting all your food in it….. but didn’t turn it on! How long do you think your food would last, hours right! Correct.

So look at CoolBox as being your refrigerator or freezer, it’s a great insulator; in fact one of the best natural insulators there is, but you need to switch it on!

The switching it on part is where the ice packs come in…. the ice packs are the electricity/power; and just like the new energy efficient refrigerators or freezers, because it’s a great insulator, CoolBox will either last longer in transit than your current packaging, or choose to fill with less ice packs, dependant on your circumstances.

I hope this clears up a very common question and point of confusion….

How Long Does CoolBox keep my food cold?

This is a tricky question, so unlike the wild claims of some companies, we prefer to be cautious with our advice and say it will last a minimum of 24hrs, but far longer when packed under our advisement.

We will continue to provide data and graphs on the performance as we continue to test ourselves and share with you any customer testing with their permission too.

But encouragingly, early raw testing for conductivity and insulation values, have shown scientifically and independently, that CoolBox as a material is every bit as good; if not better, than Polystyrene and Wool, which means anything they can do, CoolBox can do as well… so if you’ve tested for yourself, or you are currently using Polystyrene or Wool, then fear not, the historical independent scientific data doesn’t lie! See our Insights section for the scientific data.

How Do I Dispose of CoolBox at home?

Simple….CoolBox is totally kerbside recyclable, which means no confusion, head scratching or arguments with the family about which bin it goes in…. put it in the recycling bin! There isn’t a single UK council that doesn’t accept or recycle CoolBox – FACT!

What is CoolBox made from?

CoolBox is made quite simply from Paper…….and that’s it!

No tricks, nothing hidden, no binders or plastic, just paper and a really clever construction that traps air and repels outside elements. #Cool

Do I Still Need an Outer Box?

Whilst it’s not essential for the performance, it will look much nicer and neater inside a lightweight single wall box. We offer a stock option with or without an outer box, but it would be a bit fussy to hold together without a box… so why not use one of our classy, delicately and sensitively branded CoolBox boxes…

Additionally, because of the superior strength of CoolBox there is no need to spend big bucks on a double wall strong box, save money, save materials and save the planet!

Can I order Samples of CoolBox?


We want to ensure you are completely happy before you go ahead and switch to CoolBox, so head over to the sample section and for a small nominal fee; that covers the individual box costs and postage, you can select up to 3 x samples of mixed sizes and variations (Chilled or Frozen).

What’s more, although we cannot offer FREE samples upfront just yet, shortly after placing your sample order, you will receive a coupon that will reimburse your full sample costs against your first full order… pretty fair we hope you’ll agree!

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We are and will continue to engage in R&D to make our product as good and as low-impact as possible.