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Cold chain packaging samples that have been developed to lead the movement for dramatic change in using packaging that doesn’t harm our planet.

True environmentally friendly packaging solutions like our thermal boxes and ice packs help consumers make the switch from non-kerbside recyclable and flexible film plastic packaging, to packaging that actually works to reduce emissions and the carbon footprint that ecommerce deliveries have on the environment.

Our packaging samples include all iterations of the Cool-Box range and we’ve now added Cool-Ice to the line up.

Cool-Ice is the ‘World’s First’ Kerbside Recyclable ‘Pure Spring Water’ Ice Pack which acts as an alternative to the current “conventional” gel and water ice packs on the market. These are simply not kerbside recyclable and only add to the world’s pollution of single use and non-recyclable products.

We are very proud of our eco friendly chilled packaging and frozen food packaging range and will continue to develop more sustainable products in the coming months and years that help reduce our carbon footprint.

Feel free to order up to 3 x Packaging Sample Products from our range for a small fee, which we will reimburse on your first full order with us…. essentially making your samples FREE.

Ordering Sample Packaging

To take advantage of our packaging samples offer, simply add the Sample product(s) you would like to add to your basket (remember, you can order up to 3, either different or the same) and check out. The packaging sample(s) will be free, but we will add the postage cost on at the checkout.

If you also want to test our new ice packs, simply add 1 x Cool-Ice sample pack along with any 2 x CoolBox samples to your sample cart and we will send 5 x Cool-Ice bottles, so you should be able to test our insulated boxes using our ice packs thoroughly and enjoy a FREE ice cold drink afterwards.

We will aim to deliver your samples within 5-7 Working Days

Our Sample Products