CoolBox Chilled 48

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6 x Insulating Cavities for 48hr temperature controlled shipping

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CoolBox Chilled 48

The CoolBox Chilled 48 packaging system is the thicker option in our temperature controlled packaging range, with 6x insulating cavities to provide a consistent chilled environment for produce in the transit network for a minimum of 48 hours and more.

CoolBox Chilled 48 has been in our range since the beginning and exists in essence as a cool box for food shipping solution. It is aimed at ecommerce and retail customers who need to keep fresh produce at a chilled temperature for a minimum of 48 hours. Our CoolBox Chilled 24 system caters for those who need a shorter duration, and RecyCoolBox® Frozen is for those who need to ship frozen produce. All 3 serve as insulated boxes that tick all the eco boxes whilst providing an excellent thermal shipping solution.

CoolBox Eco Credentials

  • 100% plant based & organic
  • Fully kerbside recyclable
  • Totally sustainable
  • Plastic free
  • No matter how it is disposed of, it will not impact the environment
  • Over 90% of material used to create the system is recycled
  • Inserts can be reused as many times as possible (as long as they are dry and free from condensation)

The CoolBox Range

When we first set out to create the CoolBox range of insulated boxes, we knew that we had to provide a chilled packaging solution that not only offers excellent performance, but also fulfils our ethos of packaging that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. We also wanted to make it easy for the end user to recycle them, and on this front, all CoolBox chilled packaging systems are 100% kerbside recyclable.

All variants of CoolBox insulated boxes achieve both these goals and more; they more than meet the core requirements for sustainability around the world and with this, we hope to pass down the generations a positive lasting legacy for protecting the planet! After all, there is no Planet B!

In addition, all CoolBox variants reduce CO2 emissions in manufacture by an average 65%, when compared to plastic, polystyrene or foam based insulators

Science is Cool

Historical scientific studies have shown that corrugated board ‘thickness for thickness’, has similar K & R values EPS and Wool…, all we have to do is make CoolBox as thick as a wool liner or EPS to be every bit as good.

CoolBox Materials

CoolBox insulated boxes arecompletely organic, not only in their decomposition, but in their structure too. Not only are CoolBox boxes made entirely of plant based materials, we also use plant based starch glue, with no PVA in sight!

Paper is still one of the most recycled materials in the UK, over 82% of it is recycled