CoolBox Frozen

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Minimum of 8 x Insulating Cavities for 24 hour temperature controlled shipping

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CoolBox Frozen

CoolBox Frozen is our temperature controlled, chilled packaging solution for retailers who need to ship frozen products through the transit network. It contains a minimum of 8 insulating cavities to provide a consistent frozen temperature inside for at least 24 hours

CoolBox Frozen has been a part of our flagship range since the start and sits alongside the CoolBox Chilled 24 and CoolBox Chilled 48 packaging systems, for retailers who need to ship chilled produce for different lengths of time.

CoolBox Eco Credentials

  • 100% sustainable
  • Made entirely of plant based materials
  • Over 90% of it’s make up is also recycled material
  • 100% Plastic free
  • Minimal amount of printed surface
  • Inserts can be reused as many times as possible (as long as they are dry and free from condensation)

The CoolBox Range

All of the temperature controlled products in our CoolBox range have been created with both sustainability and performance foremost, delivering a chilled and frozen packaging solution that delivers the same, if not better, performance than competing products with the added bonus of being 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are also fully kerbside recyclable, making life easier for the end user to recycle them from their front door.

With CoolBox, and indeed, all of our products, we intend to pass on our dedication to helping our planet; a lasting legacy to the next generation!

All CoolBox variants reduce CO2 emissions in manufacture by an average 65%, when compared to plastic, polystyrene or foam based insulators

Soil Loves Cardboard

Healthy soil = healthy environment, and composting cardboard, such as that in CoolBox systems, helps to feed the ground with nutrients. This in turn aids plant growth, crops and yield, feeding animals and helping to clean the water around us.

We Believe in Being Totally Organic

When we first launched CoolBox, we were using a PVA glue to laminate the materials that make up the boxes together, but we’re proud to say that now we are using starch based glues and can boast that all products in the CoolBox range are totally, 100% organic!

With this achievement, both the way that CoolBox systems are built and the way they decompose at the end of their life are completely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Recycle, compost, we’d rather you didn’t but landfill them – CoolBox will break down with no adverse effects on the surrounding environment!

Using recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if new paper was made from raw materials