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Coolbox Solutions Ltd is part of the Goggleboxes Group, famed for manufacturing eco-friendly, industrial and ethical packaging solutions. Both companies are based centrally in Corby, Northamptonshire, in the UK.

Perfect Partnership

James and Jim Hilson, who have successfully built GoggleBoxes Ltd to become a well well-known and respected Industrial packaging manufacturer, innovating new environmentally friendly and ethical packaging solutions, predominantly to the trade sector, as well as developing new manufacturing methods.

James had one an eye on the Cold Chain/Insulated Packaging sector and started innovating a very unique concept, so, CoolBox Solutions Ltd, was born!


Fuelled and excited by the rapid growth of the ecommerce food delivery sector (and all perishable product movements), Goggleboxes Ltd & Coolbox Solutions Ltd are investing to ensure rapid growth and success. Our recent plans include:

• New and efficient production machinery and processes,
• Vitally and by far most importantly – we have an exciting development that will be revealed in 2022. This will enable us to control our own raw material used within Coolbox Solutions in the chilled packaging and ecommerce food sectors, as well as the industrial packaging sector by Goggleboxes.
• We will also soon get the keys to an additional larger manufacturing premises, with vast ground space to extend further, should more capacity be required.

There are definitely exciting times ahead - all we need to do now is ensure that Coolbox Solutions replaces less environmentally friendly packaging materials such as polystyrene, plastic, wool and denim, as we help the world to wake up to the cries for help from of our planet Earth.

Why Coolbox Solutions?

Making Change

Attitudes towards our environment and plastic production are rapidly changing. As we become more aware of the challenges currently facing the world, the greater we understand the need for dramatic change. Creating ethical packaging is just the first step for us on that journey.


Our environmentally friendly, ethical packaging solutions prove that products can be just as strong and cleaner than plastic and other non-kerbside recyclable products. We’re here to prove that quality doesn’t need to come at the detriment of the environment, and making the switch from non-kerbside recyclable and plastic-free packaging can be easy.


We are passionate about removing plastic and non-recyclable materials where possible, but not just that, we want also to enable end users (the people at home that are tasked with disposing of our packaging), to be able to dispose of it in their household kerbside recycling bins. Why should they have to travel to specialist recycling centres to dispose of packaging, simply because their needs were not considered in the design stage. We want to make the choice to recycle at home an easy one, without the need to think about whether our packaging is recyclable, or for users to have to travel to recycle our products.

Our Ethos

To protect what we value through innovation and smart design, we’re creating temperature controlled ethical packaging that is adaptable, plastic-free and fully kerbside-recyclable. This has been designed to have a positive impact on all involved, from start to finish, right from initial manufacturing to end customers, as well as a low impact on our planet. We want our products to reflect us not only as a business, but also the people within it. As lovers of our environment, we want to pass something positive about this generation onto the next. We need to be ambitious with our commitment to stewarding the earth – going past the idea of neutrality, to reduce the amount of plastic entering landfill and to lessen the amount of carbon in the atmosphere than when we started.

Our Vision

The reason we formed Coolbox Solutions Ltd was a simple one; to remove plastic and non-kerbside recyclable products from this extremely fast evolving and growing world of temperature-controlled ecommerce packaging, whilst raising awareness of the issues that these 'non-recyclables' are having on our beautiful planet Earth.

With around 8 billion kilograms of plastic and non-kerbside recyclable material entering landfill and the ocean annually. Our key drivers are focused around creating kerbside recyclable and innovative ecommerce thermal packaging solutions that ultimately help reduce the amount of packaging waste ending up in landfill and marine environments.

Using a patent pending design, Coolbox Solutions is made purely from paper. Not only is it totally kerbside recyclable, it is also sustainable, compostable, biodegradable and organic packaging that is super strong structurally. All of these benefits result in an eco-friendly, temperature-controlled ethical packaging solution, that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality.

What makes us different

Our Originality!

Global Responsibility

We believe that as a responsible business, our innovations should be practical, effective, attractive and as sustainable as possible… all values which we will carry into all of our innovations.

Our ethical packaging solutions will be built with our ultimate customers in mind (the person at home targeted with disposing of our packaging) to be strong and protective, made using curbside recyclable materials where humanly possible, as well as non-toxic, compostable, biodegradable and organic. Most importantly, we are passionate in our desire to strive for superior alternatives to plastic packaging, with far less impact on our environment.

There are lots of companies producing products for the temperature-controlled market who choose to sell non-kerbside recyclable products, organic products sheaved in plastic or packaging that is bound together with nylon and polyester fibres. What makes us different is that we set our stall out to ‘dare to be different’; as such, we’re looking to work with clients equally as daring, who long to break the pattern and stop reliance on plastic and non-recyclables.


In a very short amount of time and in accordance with our sustainability goals, we will also be working harder to fully understand the environmental impact of producing our products, and where we must be better.

We aim to influence and impact other companies to make positive environmental steps and will release our own sustainability report shortly in our quest to be carbon neutral and beyond as fast as possible.

We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for new innovations that help us work cleaner, leaner and more efficiently, working towards lessening our environmental impact even further. We will work strategically, forging effective partnerships with like-minded individuals that will help us utilise the latest technologies and services that limit our carbon emissions and pollution of our oceans, land and air.