CoolBox Chilled 24

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4 x Insulating Cavities for 24hr temperature controlled shipping

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CoolBox Chilled 24

The CoolBox Chilled 24 temperature controlled packaging system contains 4x insulating cavities, providing a temperature controlled, chilled environment for the contents over a 24hr duration.

It is the newest product in our CoolBox range and has been created to cater for those who wish to ship chilled food/ecommerce products that do not need to be kept at a constant temperature for more than 24 hours. Our CoolBox Chilled 48 system caters for those who need a longer duration, and CoolBox Frozen is for those who need to ship frozen produce.

It is 100% kerbside recyclable, fully sustainable, and fulfills our “Zero Waste” target!

CoolBox Eco Credentials

  • 100% kerbside recyclable, sustainable & organic
  • Plant based
  • Plastic free
  • Made from over 90% recycled material
  • Minimal amount of printed surface
  • Inserts can be reused as many times as possible (as long as they are dry and free from condensation)

The CoolBox Range

The CoolBox range embodies our commitment to the environment; that is, ethical packaging that is 100% sustainable and delivers the same, if not better, performance than non-sustainable alternatives on the market.

CoolBox systems achieve the core values of sustainability ‘the world over’; after all, these are not just our values, and if the climate summit leaders are as good to their word as our innovation is for the ecommerce sector, then we will ensure we also pass a lasting positive legacy on to the next generation too.

All CoolBox variants reduce CO2 emissions in manufacture by an average 65%, when compared to plastic, polystyrene or foam based insulators

CoolBox Materials

CoolBox is 100% organic both in terms of its makeup and how it decomposes; even the plant based glue we use to hold the paper and cardboard together is starch based.

Moving forward, we are continually working on new, eco friendly innovations, including kerbside recyclable ice packs and a new, low cost solution which will use a combination of organic waste products together….watch this space!

Corrugated Cooler to replace EPS

CoolBox, which is made from corrugated cardboard, performs as well as EPS, with the added eco bonuses of being fully kerbside recyclable and sustainable

It takes 60% less energy to recycle paper than it does to make it from raw materials