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CoolBox Solutions Ethos

Our ethos and commitment to sustainable temperature-controlled packaging solutions has led to our patent pending creation – CoolBox, the best insulated box available, that is engineered consciously to be kerbside recyclable from your doorstep, with 100% of UK councils on board!

Comprising of 3 types for both chilled and frozen foodstuffs, the CoolBox range reflects not only our values as a business, but the values and ambitions of the people within it.

It has been created to embody not just our commitment to the environment, but to future generations lives, prospects and ambitions and for us to pay forward before it’s too late. Our investment to that new sustainable way of thinking, that simply must become the new ethical approach to packaging the world over.

“Our commitment is to stewarding the earth, going past the idea of neutrality, to reduce the amount of plastic entering landfill and to lessen the amount of carbon in the atmosphere than when we started”

CoolBox Insulated Packaging Range

The CoolBox range caters for both chilled & frozen food deliveries, giving excellent performance whilst achieving the core values of sustainability, which are…

  • 100% kerbside recyclable – no need to travel to recycle our products
  • Plant based
  • Organic
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan/Vegetarian friendly
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by avg 73%
  • Plastic free
  • Made from over 90% recycled material
  • Non-toxic
  • Sustainable
  • Reusable
  • Adaptable
Using CoolBox has no environmental consequences for future generations and makes recycling easier for end consumers than ever before, with 100% UK Councils onboard with kerbside recycling!
CoolBox Sample

Starch Based Glues

When we first created the CoolBox range, we found we had to use a PVA glue to laminate the sheets together to ensure that it had a waterproof and durable finish. This meant that CoolBox systems were not 100% sustainable as PVA may be biodegradable but it is still a synthetic polymer, a plastic, and we wanted CoolBox to be 100% plastic free!

This is no longer the case; after some focused testing, we have now moved to a starch based glue solution that gives exactly the same benefits as PVA, but with the added eco bonus of being plant based, and giving CoolBox the 100% sustainability label we wanted.

If you’d like to explore the CoolBox range in more detail, please click the link below.

Ice Packs

In addition to the core Cool-Box range, we launched our innovative, 100% kerbside recyclable range of water bottle ice packs in 2022 – Cool-Ice. Made of pure ‘spring water’, Cool-Ice packs come ready for freezing.

Scientifically under-filled at source, Cool-Ice water ice packs give greater power and performance than a 500g gel ice pack and can be recycled by the end customer from their home with their domestic recycling waste.

Order Cool-Ice packs in either half pallet or full pallet loads. Samples also available.



Research & Development

We are and will continue to invest in both the business and the development of our products, to ensure we offer temperature controlled packaging solutions that take their place in helping the planet!


Our range of environmentally friendly, low impact and sustainable, temperature controlled packaging solutions