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Our Ethos

We want our eco packaging products to reflect us and our ambitions, as a business, as people, and as lovers of our beautiful planet. We want to make an impact in THIS generation and to pass something environmentally positive onto the next. We need to be ambitious with our commitment to stewarding this earth, by going past the idea of carbon neutrality with a realistic and effective sustainability report, which we are working towards. 

Lastly, we must play a leading role in reducing the amount of ‘unnecessary’ plastic packaging that is choking our environment and marine life and to encourage our products to be kerbside recycled or reused, which in turn, will all help to lessen the amount of carbon in the atmosphere than when we started this adventure, because there is No Planet B.”

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About Us

Coolbox Solutions

As part of the Goggleboxes Group, Coolbox Solutions Ltd was founded in 2021, when renowned, eco friendly industrial packaging experts met with a cold chain expert; creative minds and ideas aligned, along with a very strong desire to do and be something very different to the standard polystyrene and plastic led industry of temperature-controlled logistics and – voila, CoolBox Solutions was born!

We specialise in sustainable chilled packaging for the ecommerce food sector; we’ve created our maiden RecyCoolBox®  range to both embody our commitment to the environment and provide a chilled packaging solution that is effective, robust and adaptable.

Kerbside Recyclable

RecyCoolBox is plant based, organic and Kerbside Recyclable.


One pallet of RecyCoolBox is equivalent to circa five pallets of polystyrene boxes.


Due to its unique construction, our packaging is extremely robust, ready to withstand the most arduous of deliveries.

Temperature Controlled

RecyCoolBox is suitable to hold perishable foods at chilled or frozen temperatures for the delivery duration to your customers.

New Product


RecyCoolBox® has been designed as a reliable, adaptable and sustainable temperature controlled packaging alternative to non-recyclable alternatives such as polystyrene, wool and denim. These materials  simply cannot be kerbside recycled and pass on the ethical disposal issue to their customers; it’s no longer acceptable to use materials that are not kerbside recyclable.

The RecyCoolBox® range of insulated packaging caters for both chilled & frozen food ecommerce food deliveries, giving excellent performance whilst achieving the core values of sustainability:

  • 100% kerbside recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Plant based
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan/Vegetarian friendly
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by avg 73%
  • Plastic free
  • Made from over 90% recycled material
  • Non-toxic
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We’re thinking BIG – we’re continually engaging in positive research and development to ensure our eco friendly packaging continues to be effective, low cost and becomes the ‘go-to’  range of products for temperature controlled packaging

CoolBox Solution

Meet The Team

The CoolBox team have a wealth of experience in producing environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging and when we finally; but very shortly, get over our shyness of cameras, we’ll grab a coffee and take photos of the unsung team all together… but until then, give us a call or drop us an email and tell us all about yourself and your sustainable chilled packaging needs

Sustainability Values?

No Planet B

We will absolutely continue to engage in R&D, to ensure our eco friendly packaging products are market leading with as low an environmental impact as possible.

The lighter or thinner our product gets, the less carbon it emits in production, movement and in shipping around the globe – low carbon packaging is the way forward for sustainability.

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