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CoolBox Samples are offered as an opportunity to ‘Try before you Buy’… the small sample fee includes the option to choose 3 x sizes or variations, you can use this service once only so order wisely. The even better part, we’ll reimburse the cost with your first order!

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About CoolBox?

CoolBox is not just our maiden product, it’s our very first ‘Patent Pending’ innovation that we have created to embody our commitment to the environment.

It’s plastic-free, made from over 90% recycled material; which in itself releases up to 73% less carbon than new material and has a minimal amount of printed surface. The small amount of PVA adhesive is non-toxic and will biodegrade in 6 weeks. The CoolBox inserts themselves can be reused as many times as possible, until it becomes just a little too damp with condensation; as this will aid the conduction process and devalue it’s insulation properties, but should be good for at least 2 or 3 re-uses.

CoolBox achieves the core values of sustainability ‘the world over’, after all these are not just our values and furthermore, it does not have dire consequences for the future generations, at all!


Science is Cool

Historical scientific studies have shown that corrugated board ‘thickness for thickness’, has similar K & R values Polystyrene Boxes and Wool liners, so, all we have to do, is make CoolBox the same thickness as a wool liner or polystyrene box, for it to be every bit as good.

What is CoolBox?

Going totally Organic

We want CoolBox to become completely organic, not least in its decomposition, but in its structure too. Currently Corrugated paper and board is glued together using a starch-based glue and then laminated together in sheet form using PVA glue.

We are trialling starch/plant-based glues now and this will become a very quick eco-change by early 2022.

Using recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if new paper was made from raw materials.

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