Cool-Ice Water Bottle Ice Pack Samples

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5 x Cool-Ice Sample Water Bottle Ice Packs

  • Cool-Ice bottles contain pure ‘Spring Water’
  • They come ready for freezing
  • 100% kerbside recyclable (all UK councils)
  • Environmentally friendlier than your current Ice Gel Pack
  • Greater Power than a 500g Ice Gel Pack
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Cool-Ice Pack Samples – What & Why?

Cool-Ice packs are the all new, 100% kerbside recyclable ice packs for the food ecommerce/meal kit home delivery sector. Identified as a PET water bottle, these ice packs deliver refrigeration in the form of a frozen spring water bottle.

Our Cool-Ice sample option (patent pending) allows our customers to order 1 x Cool-Ice sample pack to their sample order – this consists of 5 Cool-Ice bottles that will be delivered for a small fee, which we will reimburse on your first full order with us.

The Benefits of Trying Cool-Ice Packs

Cool-Ice packs hold many benefits over traditional ice packs or mats.

  • 100% kerbsite recyclable with all UK councils, unlike other ice packs on the market
  • Anti-burst technology – we have purposely and scientifically under-filled all Cool-Ice bottles by 8-9%, which massively reduces the risk of bursting in transit.
  • Cool-Ice packs freeze uniformly and do not freeze in odd shapes.
  • Perfectly capable of delivering the same, if not more power than a conventional 500g water/gel ice pack
  • Can be reused as many times as desired, and drank after final use.
  • Helps to resolve an inherent LDPE film waste recycling issue, as over 40m conventional (and unrecyclable) ice packs per year end up in landfill.

Quite simply – reuse it, drink it or recycle it at home!

Ready to place a full order?

If you’ve tried it and you loved it, head on over to the Cool-Ice product page to place a full order. Available in half or full pallet loads.

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