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Eco-Innovations in Cold Chain Packaging Systems

Cold chain packaging solutions that have been developed to lead the movement for dramatic change in using packaging that doesn’t harm our planet.
True environmentally friendly packaging solutions like our thermal boxes help consumers make the switch from non-kerbside recyclable and plastic packaging to packaging that actually works to reduce emissions and the carbon footprint that deliveries have on the environment.

We are proud of our eco friendly packaging boxes, pioneers in a world that needs to reduce its carbon footprint!

CoolBox Range

CoolBox is our flagship environmentally friendly cold chain packaging system (patent pending)

These organic & eco-friendly packaging materials have been engineered, designed and manufactured as a insulated shipping boxes for use in a range of e-commerce food sectors including food, agriculture, pet-care and pharmaceutical.

CoolBox is totally, 100%, kerbside recyclable, produced from plant-based, organic, compostable and biodegradable material, all working together for a positive environmental impact.