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The World’s First Kerbside Recyclable Water Ice Pack

Patent Pending Innovation

Gifting with care

With Christmas fast approaching, we will all need something to wrap our presents in – but did you know, wrapping paper with glitter, foil or embellishments can’t be recycled. In addition, all labels and sellotape need to be removed before even simple kraft paper can be placed into the recycling bin.

As a general rule of thumb, paper that can be scrunched up into a ball can be recycled; anything that opens up again or bounces back can’t. Consider wrapping presents this year – and every year – in recyclable paper, or brown parcel paper which can be jazzed up with ink stamps, calligraphy or kids’ drawings to make it look more ‘festive’!

Saying it with a card

When purchasing cards for special occasions, check whether they are made from recycled card and if they can be recycled. Again, anything with masses of glitter, foil or excessive embellishments is unlikely to be able to go into the recycling bin and will have to go to landfill. Most cards say on the back or on the packaging if they can be recycled, and we recommend using this as a guide when buying to ensure you are using a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to share moments with friends and family.

Lay the table linens

Switch from tissue napkins to linen napkins which can be washed and used again and again, hundreds of times! You can get coloured linen napkins that can suit your colour schemes, or the season / event, and the quality of fabric napkins actually make using them more enjoyable than a scratchy, thin tissue napkin!

Say goodbye to clingfilm

Invest in quality sandwich wraps and you will be able to stop using clingfilm when making packed lunches. Clingfilm is notoriously wasteful and not very environmentally friendly. Sandwich wraps are a much eco-friendlier alternative as they are reusable and only need a simple wipe clean when they’re finished with. The sandwich itself is inserted into the middle and the wrap is wrapped around and sealed with a fastening, usually Velcro.

Are there any tips for being more sustainable at home you would like to share with us? Let us know on our socials!