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The World’s First Kerbside Recyclable Water Ice Pack

Patent Pending Innovation

Studies Have Shown

Historical scientific studies have shown that corrugated board ‘thickness for thickness’, has similar K & R values EPS and Wool so, all we have to do is make CoolBox as thick as a wool liner or EPS to be every bit as good, So we did and CoolBox was born, The Kerbside Recyclable Cool Box!

We haven’t stopped developing though, as we are busy testing all the heights of the different flute profiles, to see if a tighter/smaller channel is better than another and similarly, we are busy creating scores at the ends of each panel to create a trap in the channels to see whether trapping the air is better – we think it is, which will further extend the duration that CoolBox can carry perishables. A development likely to be implemented early in 2022, along with some other exciting developments…

K = Conductivity
K-value denotes a material’s effective thermal conductivity, which is a measure of the time rate of steady heat flow through a unit area of a material induced by a unit temperature gradient. The k value is expressed as 1 W/mK. In simpler terms, it is how well a material will conduct heat. The lower the k-value of a material, the better its performance as an insulator.

R = Insulation
R-value denotes a material’s thermal resistance, or how well it is able to retard heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better its performance as an insulator.

MaterialK – Value
(Lower the better)
R – Value
(Higher Number is Better)
Cardboard / CoolBox®0.0373.52